Sunday, November 13, 2011

Five Question Friday (on Sunday)

1.  What was the last thing you spent too much money on?

Gas for the vehicles.  Electricity for our house.  Food for our family.  Oh wait...that is probably not what this question was referring to!  :)

This is a very hard question.  We are very tight with our money (since we don't have that much with four kids).  We usually spend too much money on our children's birthdays with all the toys, the party, and supplies we buy them.  My last "big" purchase, besides groceries, was a Kindle for my husband's birthday.  I wouldn't say I spent too much money on it, but it was something that he really wanted, so I got that for him.

2.  What celebrity chef would you like to cook you dinner?

Gordon Ramsey.  I love his shows.  He makes me laugh and his food looks amazing!  I wish you could smell through your TV.  I can only imagine what his food smells like, much less tastes like!  If he wasn't available, I would like Emeril Lagasse, Paula Dean, or any other "old-timer" from the Food Network Channel.

3.  Where do you hide things when visitors pop in?

I usually don't hide anything from my visitors.  If you are not my friend and would not accept me for who I am and how I live, then I probably wouldn't let you in my house to begin with!  I try and tidy up my house every evening.  We spend 10 minutes (we set the timer) of clean-up time in the evenings.  Everyone that is old enough to help, is required to do so.  This helps tremendously with the mess in our house!

4.  Who is your oldest living family member?

I am not sure, but if my grandfather was alive today, he would be getting ready to turn 90 on December 2.  My grandfather passed away last January, four months to the day, after my family moved out.  We had lived with my grandfather for 3.5 years, but became pregnant with our forth child and needed our own space.  I miss him greatly.  He was such a generous man to let us live with him and to put up with five extra people in his house!  I cannot wait until the day that I get to see him again in heaven!

5.  What is your favorite DQ or Sonic treat?

I enjoy any kind of Blizzard or a Hot Fudge (cake if they have it) Sundae.

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