Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Gifts

Have your children made their Christmas list yet?  Mine have made several and I continue to find these lists laying around the house!  My husband even found one last night in a DVD case!  We have started to shop around to find the best price on some gifts.  We have decided that we will be going Black Friday shopping at 10:00pm on Thanksgiving to grab a few deals for the kids this year.  Here are a few things we have found that we would like Santa to bring our kids:

Wyatt- 1 year

Fisher Price Milk Wagon

Fisher Price Clock

Lillian, 2 years:

Product Details

Owen, 6 years:

Product Details

Product Details

Alex- 8 years old:

Product Details

I hope that Santa Clause decides to bring the entire family a portable basketball goal on Christmas morning!  :)

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