Saturday, October 8, 2011

Goals for the Weekend

Here are my goals for this weekend.  We turned down tickets to the Virginia Tech vs. Miami Game this weekend, since we have been gone the last two weekends, and need some relaxation!  But, having been gone has caused us to fall behind on the usually weekend cleaning.  So I'm making a list of items that I want to accomplish this weekend.

1.  Wash sheets on all bed.
2.  Clean the 3 bathrooms.
3.  Vacuum downstairs and upstairs.
4.  Dust.
5.  Windex pictures, doors, and mirrors.
6.  Laundry- fold and put away.
7.  Go through the children's drawers, pull out clothes that don't fit, and pull out winter clothes.
8.  Watch the VT vs. Miami Game on television. Wasn't able to accomplish this because the game was on ABC and we don't have cable. 
9.  Clean out the van.
10.  Fill one bag of toys to donate/get rid of!
11.  Go to church.
12.  Take boxes/bags of Owen's clothes to a friend.  I pass down Owen's clothes, her son wears them, and then she passes them back to me...with even more awesome clothes! 

What are your goals for this weekend?

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