Saturday, July 16, 2011

100 Things About Me

I am sitting at home on a Saturday night, bored.  My husband is working, my kids are in bed, so here I sit.  I'm going to share 100 things about me that you may not know.

1.  I was born in Virginia.  I was raised in Virginia.  I still live in Virginia.
2.  I dip my fried chicken in ketchup.
3.  I love to eat rice.
4.  My favorite color is pink, but sometimes changes depending on the day.
5.  I love the beach.
6.  My parents live 1.2 miles from my house.
7.  I hate math.
8.  I HATE scary movies.
9.  My kids go to bed at 8 o'clock.
10.  My birthday is September 26th.
11.  I have two brothers and one is getting married this October.  I'm going to be in his wedding.  :)
12.  I have four children.
13.  My husband and I lived with my grandfather for 3.5 years while I finished going to college.
14.  We don't have a garden, but we do have 6 pots on our porch.  Four tomato and 2 jalapeno.
15.  I go to church, not every Sunday, but I do go.
16.  I want to stay at home with my children.
17.  I love to eat hot dogs.
18.  Target is one of my favorite stores.
19.  My husband always wants a new TV that is bigger and better than the previous.
20.  I am write handed.
21.  I have started to become a Redskins fan, since my husband is...
22.  I am a people pleaser.
23.  I have two children with blue eyes, one with brown, and one with hazelish color.
24.  My best childhood friend is Kathryn.  We still see each other often and talk weekly.
25.  I have not read the Harry Potter books, nor do I plan on doing so.
26.  Baseball is boring to me.
27.  I love to take naps.  I have always taken naps and plan to continue taking naps.
28.  Steak is one of my most favorite things to eat.
29.  My anniversary is on January 11th.
30.  I drive a mini van.
31.  My husband drives a truck.
32.  We have two refrigerators and one chest freezer.  I need to do more freezer cooking.
33.  I miss my kids when I'm at work.
34.  I want to go camping.
35.  I don't like to hug people, it makes me feel weird.
36.  I need to go shopping.  I need new tennis shoes.
37.  I love to drink beer.
38.  We ate frozen pizza for dinner last night.
39.  I hate putting gas in my van.
40.  I don't like to walk into banks.  I prefer the drive through.
41.  I use to be a volunteer firefighter for 5 years.  I had to quit because of kids.  I didn't have the time.
42.  I love to play soccer.
43.  I like to eat dill pickles.
44.  My aunt makes the best bread and butter pickles.
45.  I enjoy eating pasta dishes, but my husband doesn't.  He'd rather eat red meat and potatoes.
46.  We have two dogs, Bella and Chester.  We have two fire belly frogs (the class pets that were sent home with us for the summer).
47.  I love to make BBQ in my crock pot.
48.  I like to wash and fold clothes, but I hate putting them away.
49.  I try to change our sheets on a weekly basis.
50.  I buy the the off brand of diapers.
51.  I love the Christmas holiday season.
52.  Fins to the husband and I are Jimmy Buffet fans!
53.  Our computer is located in the playroom.  My laptop is broke.
54.  We have a piano somebody gave us.
55.  I have had facebook for almost 8 years.
56.  I use to be an EMT.
57.  I would prefer to eat an apple cut up rather than whole.  It gets stuck in my teeth!
58.  I don't want any more kids.
59.  My 9 month old still wakes up during the night to eat.
60.  And I get up and feed him even thought he should probably cry himself back to sleep.
61.  My first "car" was a Chevy S10 pickup truck that was rusted. 
62.  I can drive a stick shift.
63.  I prefer to eat salty stuff, rather than sugary stuff.
64.  I need to go to bed.
65.  My husband does the dishes after dinner most every night.
66.  I try not worry about stuff I cannot change.
67.  I do not watch the news.  It is all negative and I don't need to feed myself that negativity.  All it will do is raise my stress level!
68.  My favorite show is Parenthood, Weeds, and Hell's Kitchen.
69.  We don't have cable.  We have bunny ears.
70.  I don't miss cable.  My kids do.
71.  I see my parents almost daily.
72.  I like sweet tea.
73.  I am more of a coke person than a Pepsi person.
74.  I like the Virginia Tech Hokies.
75.  I love Janet Evonavich books.
76.  I would like to be bounty hunter if I didn't have any kids.
77. I want a suburban.
78.  My husband works for the Rescue Squad.
79.  I want to pay off all my debt (including student loans).
80.  We have too many toys in our house.
81.  Our family has a boat.
82.  My dad use to take me trout fishing when I was little.  I had hip waiters that my dad bought me so I could go fishing with him.
83.  Our gas grill caught on fire a few months back and the gas line running from the propane tank to the grill caught on fire too.
84.  I have made some wonderful friends over the past few years that I think I'll keep around.
85.  I want my kids to go to college.
86.  My childhood cat, Spike, use to scratch me so now I jump every time a cat jumps up on a seat where I'm seated.
87.  I use coupons and love to find good deals.
88.  I get headaches, but a nap usually solves the issue.
89.  I love to take family walks around the neighborhood.
90.  I want a basketball goal and a trampoline.  My parents never got me one when I was little and I will get one for my kids.
91.  I am not good at basketball, but I enjoy playing.
92.  I use to have a blackberry, but now I have a samsung touch screen cell phone.
93.  I try not to text and drive.
94.  My kitchen has tile.
95.  My parents have kept all my Barbi stuff and now my daughters play with it when they go to visit.
96.  I recruit and approve foster and foster-to-adopt homes.
97.  I like hot sauce.
98.  I can't wait to make jalapeno poppers with my jalapenos.
99.  It is 11:19pm and I'm still blogging.
100.  I usually go to bed about 10:30pm.

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!! Loved it!! I hope I am one of those friends that you want to keep around. And I was trying to figure out what to do with my jalapenos, now I know!!