Saturday, March 19, 2011

NY Strips with Chipotle Butter

My husband broke down and finally bought his dream grill at Lowes. We had a
gift card that we had stashed away and finally the grill had been marked down
from $299.00 to $199.00. My husband used to grill ALL the time, but our old
grill had caught on fire last summer and we tried not to use it often. Today my
husband moved it off our deck and the bottom of the grill and the burners fell
out. It formed a big rust pile in our yard!

To celebrate this new addition to our house, we ate NY Strips (my husband
found them on sale at Kroger- 4 pack for $8.00). I sent my husband a link to
He made this butter to go on top of our steak. It was the most delightful
addition to a juicy medium-well-cooked steak! Check out the recipe below:

Chipotle Butter

2 sticks room temp unsalted butter
2 tbsp. pureed chipotle pepper in adobo (we pureed our own)
1 tsp. honey
Salt & pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients together. Form into a roll and wrap with cling wrap.  Place the roll in the fridge until ready to use. Use the chipotle butter just like you would use any other kind of butter! Like I said, we placed a dollop on our steaks, but we are also going to use the butter for baked potatoes and
maybe even toast!

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