Saturday, January 8, 2011

I LOVE Kroger!

Ok, so I want to let everyone know what a HUGE fan I am of Kroger.  My family has started shopping there on a regular basis.  I use to be a big fan of Wal-Mart, but I have gone away from them for a number of reasons.  One of my main reasons is that everytime something is "on sale," it rings up a different price at the register.  I'm not going to get on that soap box, but I have been to Wal-Mart twice in one day and told the clerk that my item rung up the wrong way and when I went back a second time, it did the same exact thing.  Wal-Mart sure does a good job of ripping off their customers! 

Anyways, my husband and I went shopping last night, with all four kids, and got our food for the week.  I will share our weekly meal menu in a separate post.  After shopping at Kroger last night, we went back to Kroger this morning to get gas in our van.  Since we have spent so much $$$ at Kroger, we were able to get $0.30 off a gallon of gas with our Kroger Plus Card.  They will take off $0.10 for every $100 that is purchased and then the discount rolls over to the next month if you do not use it!  We put about 9 gallons of gas in our van today at $2.58/gallon!  That is a deal in Southwest Virginia!  Gas in our town is currently averaging $2.95/gallon!  So, we continue to shop at Kroger for that reason! 

We also LOVE that Kroger doubles coupons $0.50 and under, everyday of the week!  I bought handsoap last night at Kroger that was on sale for $0.88 and gave them a $0.40 coupon.  I paid $0.08 for the soap!  What a deal!  Wal-Mart just can't compare!  Another reason I love to go to Kroger is that they mark TONS of items down!  If you go to Kroger on a Monday or Tuesday morning around 9:00am, you can catch the meat department marking down all their meat!  We usually stock up on meat when we find good deals!  We have a chest freezer that we store many manager specials in, which usually includes breads and meats!  So, I would definetly recommend Kroger to anyone! 

Many years ago my husband and I started shopping every other week for groceries.  This has been working out great for our family, but recently we seem to be going back more and more during the week for milk and other items we run out of!  Our growing family does like to eat!  As I said before, I will share some of my weekly menus and the recipes in later blogs! 

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