Sunday, November 13, 2011

This weekend

This weekend is quickly coming to a close.  I had so many thing I wanted to accomplish, but only got a few of them done.  My mom invited me to go shopping yesterday (which is usually my cleaning day) and I just couldn't turn that down!  Today, I went to church, did laundry, and baked a turkey and made some fixings to go with it!  My son is getting his tonsils out the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and really wanted to eat a Thanksgiving meal before the surgery, since he may not be able to eat on Thanksgiving! 

Here is my list of goals I had going for the weekend:

  1. Clean bathrooms.
  2. Mop downstairs.
  3. Laundry- washed, dry, fold, and put away.
  4. Change sheets on all the beds.
  5. Clean out the van.
  6. Grocery shop with coupons.
  7. Host pizza night with my parents.
  8. Attend church.
  9. Focus on my My Thirty-One business.
  10. Organize my coupons.
I guess my unchecked items will overflow into this upcoming week!

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