Friday, November 25, 2011

Five Question Friday

1.  Is there a dish that you prepare that you are famous for?

No.  I usually fix whatever.  I sometimes will fix the more fattening dishes, since my parents tend to eat healthy!  But who wants to eat healthy on a holiday?!?!

2.  Did you go Black Friday Shopping?

Yes, I went Black Friday shopping.

3.  What are your strangest holiday traditions?

I always thought it was a little different that my family eats their big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.  We also go one at a time opening presents on Christmas morning (at my parents house) which can get a little frustrating when somebody opens a gift out of line! 

4.  Pecan or pumpkin pie?

Mmmm...pie.  I like any pie!  It really depends on my mood.  These two pies have such different flavors that it is so hard for me to decide which I like better!

5.  When will you put up your Christmas tree?

We will put up our tree as soon as we go out and chop it down.  We live in Southwest Virginia, in the mountains, so we are going out to a Christmas tree farm to cut our own.  We have not done this yet as a family, so I envision the Griswald Family Christmas Tree being picked out and dragged home! 

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