Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Daily Routine

A friend of mine posted a comment on facebook asking moms about their evening routine.  I'm interested to hear what you do.  She specifically was interested in hearing what time every one's kids went to bed and how each family makes time for "quality time."  I'm going to share my daily routine with you, but it is constantly changing due to the children's activities and my husband's work schedule.

5:55am- My husband's alarm goes off- he gets up, showers, and is out the door to work at 7:00am.
6:40am- The alarm clock rings!  I get up and take a shower.
7:10am- I wake up the children, if they are not already awake.  I changed diapers, help the kids get dressed, and brush hair. 
7:25- Breakfast time!
7:40- The kids are usually done eating and the older ones go brush their teeth.  I help our 2 yr old brush her teeth.  The kids get their shoes on and play quietly until 8:00am.
8:00am- The bus comes.  I put our oldest child on the bus.  Then I load everyone else in the car and drive to the local elementary school.
8:20am- I have dropped off at the elementary school and I meet my babysitter in the parking lot and help her load up the younger two.  Then I'm off to work.
8:30am-2:30pm- I work at my job.
2:30pm- I leave and go get my kids from both schools and the babysitters.
3:30pm- We are home and the kids have a snack before going outside to play.
5:00pm- The kids are winding down from playtime and I start to cook dinner.  My oldest begins her homework if she didn't finish it at school (which she usually does).
5:30pm to 6:00pm- We eat dinner.
6:00-7:30pm- We are usually running around at soccer, flag football, or dance.  If our evening is free we sit around in the playroom with the children or take a family walk. 
7:30pm- Bathes, books, and bedtime for the younger two.
8:00pm- Bedtime for the older two kids.  My husband and I usually lay down with them, read, and snuggle them.  They both fall asleep in our bed every night and then I carry them to their bed before I go to bed around 10:30pm.  My boys and girls share a room, so putting the older two in our bed to fall asleep really makes bedtime less chaotic! 
8:00pm-9:00pm- I clean up the house.  I have my children put their toys away, but I straighten up the house and put everything back in it's place for the next day.
9:00pm- My husband is home from work and we have quiet, adult time which usually involves watching TV, playing on the computer, and talking.

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