Thursday, August 4, 2011

Five Question Friday

1. Tube socks, calf socks, crew, ankle, none?
Ankle socks for me!  The last time I wore long, white tube socks was either in soccer or volleyball in high school.  That was 10 years ago!

2. Was your child's (children's) name a mutual decision or was it a debate? If you don't have children, do you plan on giving your spouse a say, or do you have a name you MUST have, regardless if your other half likes it or not?!
Our children's names were all a mutual decision.  My husband came up with the first (first) names for all our children.  I came up with our last son's name, Wyatt.  We both came up with the middle names.  We passed down a few family names, we did not feel obligated to use any name!

3. What is your favorite type of weather?
I love sunny, warm days!  I also love the wintertime when it is snowing! 

4. If left to your own devices, what time would you wake up every day?
Goodness, this is a hard question!  I have four children, so I'm sure I would be awakened by 7:30am if my alarm did not go off!  Some Saturday mornings our children decide to sleep in, so we get to stay in bed until 8 or so.  If I didn't have my kids, I would probably roll out of bed about 10:00am.  I love to sleep and have been a sleeper my whole life!

5. What type of vehicle do you drive?
I drive a mini van and love it!  It seats eight.

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