Sunday, July 24, 2011

This weekend's fun!

Yesterday, we spent the majority of the day at the lake.  A family friend has a place on the lake that we retreat to on hot weekend days!  Yesterday they invited the owners and kitchen staff from the local Mexican Restaurant to come and cook some authentic Mexican cuisine.  When we arrived, they had just put the cow's head, brains, eyeballs, and all on the wood stove to cook.  They then placed three cow tongues inside the boathouse on the gas stove to boil away!  While the head and tongues were cooking, they made some amazing, mouth watering, salsa.  They cooked the tomatoes and peppers on the wood stove before mixing it all up in the mortar and pestle.  They then fixed homemade guacamole with tomato, garlic, avocado, and a few other ingredients.  For the kids they fixed a pasta dish with sour cream, spices, tomatoes, and rotini noodles.  That was also delicious!  They grilled some pork chops and chicken legs that they we put in tortillas and ate with the salsa, guacamole, and Mexican cheese. 

Now that we have had some authentic Mexican food, I really want to try my hand at it!  I will be searching the internet (and possibly asking Ezmeralda to pass on some recipes) for new dishes to make!

Also, we did not eat any of the head, tongue, or brains- even though I wanted to try them!  We had to leave since our kids were still a bit streppy and not 100% recovered!

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