Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quick & Easy Dinner

Pig in a Blanket!

This is one of my favorite busy weeknight meals!  My kids LOVE this meal!  I know there are many different ways to make this, but I use a package of eight hot dogs (Hebrew National is much healthier than some other brands!) and 1 can of Pillsbury biscuits.  I cut the biscuits in half as well as the hot dogs; I usually end up with 16 little piggies!  These work great as leftovers too!  This past week, we ate baked beans and salad with them.  My husband was working a 12 hour shift, so it was just me and the kids and when it's just us, I'm looking for something quick and easy. 

Yesterday, which was Saturday, I fixed the leftover pigs in a blanket for my kids.  My son, Owen, said, "I only want the stuff that comes out of the pig.  I don't want the blanket!"  :)  That boy makes me laugh and melts my heart!

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