Monday, February 7, 2011

Krogering on Saturday

I have decided that Saturday mornings are going to be my new day to grocery shop.  I'm working full-time again and cannot make it to the store during the week.  So, this past Saturday morning, I got up and fixed cheesy scrambled eggs and toast for the family.  We then quickly cleaned up, so we could get to Kroger and get some deals!  I had my coupons laid out and my grocery list all ready to go! 

I only made out a weekly menu (as you can see in my prior post), but hope that it lasts me for 2 weeks.  We still have Veggie Beef Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Jumbalya, and leftover chili to add to the menu!  We fixed a big pot of chili yesterday for the Super Bowl, but with all the other finger foods, not much of it got we had it for dinner tonight and we still have 1/2 a pot left!  My husband is taking some to work tomorrow, but I'm going to save the rest for another meal!

Getting back to Kroger, I wanted to share just some deals that we (my husband and I) got.  Here they are:

Activa Yogurt:  Marked down to $.89 and I had a coupon for $1.00 = FREE
Softsoap:  $1.00 and I had a coupon for $.35 that doubled= $.30
Ground Turkey was marked down to $1.79.  We got 3lbs and froze 2lbs!
1% Milk was marked down to $1.59 and did not go out of date until 2/12/2011, we got 3 gallons
Uncle Ben's Wild Rice:  $1.49 and we had a $1.00 coupon = $.49
Hunt's Diced Tomatoes: $.49 per can, we got 3 and had a $.45 coupon off of 3 that doubled =   $.77
Sarah Lee Bread: $1.49, we got 2 loafs
Goldfish: $.99
Prevacid:  $10.99, we had a $4.00 store coupon and $3.00 manufactor. coupon = $3.99
Mott's Apple Juice: 1/2 gallon for $1.49, we got 2
Armour Meatballs:  $2.99, we got 2 and had a coupon $.50 off of 2 = $5.99
Kraft Sandwich Cheese:  $.99, we got 2

Some of the deals abover were apart of the 10/10 deals.  We saved $58.89 and spent $125.10.  This is a little more than we spend on a weekly trip, but we hadn't been shopping in two weeks.  The last time we went Krogering we spent $86.48 and saved $24.48.  After our shopping trip on Saturday, we went to Kroger in the next town over to fill up our gas tank.  We saved $.20 cents per gallon, but if you compare it to gas in the city I live in, we really saved $.40 per gallon! 

My coworker has told me that I should start up a business that involves grocery shopping for people since I love couponing and finding good deals!  I may keep that in mind if I ever need a second job!  Or maybe I could train my children and when they become teenagers, they can grocery shop for people as their job!

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