Saturday, October 29, 2011

Five Question Friday: 10/28/2011

This Five Question Friday is a fun game I've picked up from My Little Life. 

1.  Do you prefer cotton, silk, or flannel sheets?

For us (my husband and I) it depends on the season.  We enjoy cotton sheets in the summer and flannel sheets in the winter.

2.  What time zone are you in?

I live in Virginia, so we are in the EST.  I am so excited, because I believe we fall back next weekend, so I get an extra hour of sleep at night! 

3.  What is your favorite part of the holidays?

Did you know Wal-Mart has their Christmas decorations up?  It isn't even Halloween!!!  I guess the birth of Christ is a big celebration, so we should start celebrating...heck, we should be celebrating all year long! 

My most favorite part of the holidays is the food.  I enjoy the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, casseroles, etc.  I also love the holiday decorations, the holiday music, and wonderful smells of cinnamon and cloves.

I hope to fix a pumpkin roll to get a kick on the holiday season this weekend!

4.  What is your favorite "wintry" drink?

Wassail is one of my favorites, but I also enjoy hot chocolate on a cold winter's day.

5.  In your opinion, what is the worst job in the world?

Hmmm...probably being the President of the United States.  You will always be criticised for things you do (or don't do) whether they are for the good or for the bad of the people.   

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