Monday, April 11, 2011

Saturday's Savings: 04/09/2011

Did you watch Extreme Couponing?  Since we do not have cable, I was not able to view this show.  I did watch a few blurbs about it on  Check it out some of the videos!  They are very interesting!  I'm not sure that I would EVER stockpile as much as they do!

Anyways, back to my shopping trip.  I was encouraged after watching these videos, but I just haven't gotten couponing down to a science like the "Extreme Couponers" do.  Here are some of my great buys from Kroger:

2% Milk- Manager's Sepcial- $2.59/gallon (we got 3)
Pampers- $8.99- $3.00 manufac coupon - $1.50 in-store- $1.50 ecoupon= $2.99 (they entered by $3.00 manuf coupon in by hand)
Suave DO- $0.19 (on clearance & $.50 coupon that doubled!)
Ground Chuck 1#- $0.99 (we got 5lbs)
Ground Chicken 1#- $1.39 (we got 2)

That is just a few of the savings!  I saved about $25.00 with my coupons and spent $57.00 total for the week!

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